How it works


Adaptive Reading Comprehension...

            Read Theory is a powerful educational tool that offers online reading activities for all ages and ability levels. Using custom web application software and carefully crafted and tested content created by our team, we provide students with a dynamic reading experience that adapts to their individual ability levels and presents them with a seemingly endless array of skill building exercises. What is more, as students continue to use the site and see their scores gradually improve, the system adapts to match their progress, and the materials presented get incrementally more advanced. Our quizzes span the full range, beginning with elementary school reading and ending with the most demanding SAT and GRE level reading comprehension and verbal reasoning questions.

In the Classroom...

     When you create a teacher account, you harness the power of Read Theory's unique class creation system. This allows you to...

  • create a virtual class and populate it with your students
  • manage usernames, passwords, and other important information to facilitate student login
  • analyze student/class performance using percentages, bar graphs, and tables
  • track student/class progress using quiz history and line graphs

A powerful educational tool...

            Read Theory allows teachers to consolidate classroom instruction using cutting edge technology. Our program fosters accelerated learning by...

  • providing students with educational content that is tailored to their individual ability levels
  • motivating students using seamlessly integrated game mechanics such as avatars, scores, and achievements
  • engaging students using a unique and compelling display interface
  • enabling the teacher to focus on answering specific, value adding questions
  • presenting instant feedback regarding correct and incorrect answer choices
  • allowing students and teachers to track and save their performance using charts and tables

Frequently Asked Questions...

qandaDoes Read Theory meet national benchmarks and core standards?

YES. This is a online reading comprehension program that meets ELA English curriculum requirements and achieves (but is not limited to) common core standards. This is done by helping to establish critical thinking, reasoning, communication and media/information-technology literacy. Our program meets ELA standards of reading by facilitating the learning of...

  • Key Ideas and Details
  • Craft and Structure
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
  • Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity

Read Theory is an educational resource that can be implemented into the classroom or used at home to support reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. By learning to read and think critically, students are better prepared to go to college, perform well on standardized tests, and meet national literacy benchmarks.


qandaIs Read Theory quick and easy to use in the classroom?

YES. All that our program requires is that students register and take a quick placement test. They are then entered into our system and can continue learning with the simple click of a button. What's more, our program is entirely web-based, meaning that there are no long load times or software to purchase or install.


qandaWho writes the content?

All Read Theory content is carefully crafted by our team, which consists of a handful of professional writers and educators, many of whom have received advanced degrees, are published authors and award winning teachers. Having a team of exceptional writers and educators has given us the unique ability to offer materials that are diverse in style and approach, engaging in content, and applicable to students of all ages and ability levels. Each one of our writers has unique abilities and interests and, perhaps most importantly, a genuine belief in the ability to improve lives through education. This, we hope, is evident in the materials we create.


qandaWhat sort of student reporting system is available to teachers?

After registering as a teacher on our website, teachers can then create a class (or classes) and populate it with their students. Once a class is created, teachers can use our statistics function to see graphs and tables outlining the performance and progress of an individual student or and entire class. Teachers can download this information to a spreadsheet or make an image file of it for their records. 


qandaDoes Read theory have a wide range of content to offer?

YES. We currently offer over 900 reading comprehension passages and 3,900 analogy, antonyms, and sentence completion questions to students. Content of our reading comprehension passages includes everything from mock itineraries, imaginary movie reviews, argumentative essays, proposals, informational essays, research studies, résumés, newspaper articles, and more. At any given time, a student may find him or herself reading a request for funding study abroad to learning about the woes of password fatigue. We are continually writing more content, ensuring that it meets top quality standards, and promptly uploading it to our website.


qandaDoes Read Theory comply with national educational trends?

YES. This online reading comprehension website mirrors the inference, logic, and vocabulary building methodology students are exposed to in grade school and beyond. By learning to read and think critically, students are better prepared to perform well on standardized tests and meet national literacy benchmarks.


qandaHow much does Read Theory cost?

Nothing -- the site is free for all to use and benefit from.


qandaDo you have child accounts?


On Read Theory, the parent or legal guardian of a child has the option of creating a “Child account” which is managed by the parent. When registering for our site, the student is prompted to specify his or her birthdate. Students under age 13 will be required to provide their parent or guardian's email address. After this address is provided, we will send an email to said parent or guardian confirming the new account and instructing the parent on how to complete the registration process.


qandaWhat do Read Theory reading levels mean?

Our reading levels are designed to approximate U.S. grade school levels. It is important to keep in mind that reading level is a relative measure used by Read Theory for internal purposes only. If a student is performing under, at, or above his or her associated U.S. grade school level on our website, then this is not necessarily an indication of inferior or superior reading abilities. Our grade level labels are to be used as general guides, and teachers should rely on their own judgment in determining the level appropriate for their students.


qandaAre Read Theory writing contests monitored?

YES. All writing contests submissions are reviewed and approved by a Read Theory staff member before being published live to the website.


qandaIs the Read Theory blog monitored?

YES. All blog submissions are reviewd and approved by a Read Theory staff member before being published live to the website.